Passion in a Happiness Limbo

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my life. Every news article I read regarding my generation always ends up summarizing our generation as helpless, and I think there needs to be something said about it.

Our generation is not helpless. We are awestruck by our options, by the paths at our feet.

There are so many different things within reach, and we are searching for something that makes us whole. Our desire to abstain from the sadness that our elders turned into careers is what drives us; we desire to do something that makes us happy, and we will take all the time in the world to discover what that will be.

Personally, I’m still in the happiness limbo. I want to do something I love that will be a fulfilling career. So much of my childhood, I was told to be one of the three big shots: a lawyer, doctor, or businessman. And for the longest time, I went with it. I thought that I needed to be what the people around me told me to be. But then, something started to change. I began to rebel from those preconceived notions. I began to write, to design, to create, to explore.

Suddenly, I wanted to make something of my life. I desired to create something that would live on in my absence.

My parents were terrified when I told them I wanted to major in English. They told me I was too smart, that it was wasting my potential. But to me, my dream is far bigger than a thick salary or shiny cars.

It is to write something, a story that is handled for generations to come. A piece of literature that preserves my voice for the time when I can no longer speak.

And that’s where I’m at now. Stuck in my happiness limbo with a dream. And to be honest, I’m content here. That is, until my opportunity comes along. Then there will be a redefining of our generation — one in which leaves a lasting impact on those who follow us.

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