This has made it easier to transition now than ever before.
So Long, Apple.
Mister G

I switched from Mac to Windows last year for many of the same reasons, but after 8 or 9 months ultimately switched back. I’m so much more efficient on a Mac because I’ve invested so many years in using it. The clincher was when a firmware update for my Microsoft Surface tablet effectively killed my machine because it turns out you’re not supposed to apply firmware updates when the Surface is connected to a dock, but Microsoft didn’t warn me about that. I kept my Surface in a dock because it was useless in any other mode (the battery life never exceeded two hours and is now down to 20 minutes or so). This and many other glitches I encountered kept reinforcing the notion that Microsoft doesn’t sweat the final few important details, whereas Apple nearly always does. Windows reminds me of those contractors who get the job 99% done and then head off for the next thing, leaving stuff around for you to clean up or fix. I moved back to the Mac a month ago and life is better. I still keep Windows on a virtual machine and love it for what it does, but I don’t think I’ll contemplate switching again for another 5 years or so.

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