CIU 110 — Blog task #1

September 11 will always be remembered as the birthday of Henrik Twardzik.

Henrik was born in Hamburg in 1975, and begun his story as any budding German audiophile does — as a baby with glasses.

He grew into an a-typical German who preferred the sensation of a computer mouse in his hand, rather than his peers, who preferred the feeling of a pint of lager.

And so what?

Why is this relevant?

Henrik is the electronic music producer Neelix and a source of personal inspiration.

As an early professional having studied audio engineering, Hendrik begun work in creative media designing sound for films.

He enjoyed notable success and supplemented his work with his passion for dance music.

Using his excellent ear for music and his attention to detail, he begun to pursue this passion and begun building a following of fans.

(Caution: video very loud)

He became so popular that he would arrange with his boss to leave work early on a Friday or return to work later in the week, to attend his weekend gigs. The situation evolved to where he had in effect, two full time jobs. He had to make a choice, and he chose a career as a travelling musician.

I view him as one of the most talented producers of electronic music, forging an entire genre of music, “the Neelix sound,” based off his exploits. His sound is so unique, so intricate and has such depth, that few can rival it.

I view the path I am taking at SAE as being similar to the one he has already taken.

His education and his work as a sound designer set him up perfectly for the career he now enjoys. I hope to compose sound (for film or games) and learn my craft whilst making music behind the scenes.

If it gets to the point where enough people want to listen to it, then I too shall become a contemporary bard and travel the globe with my briefcase of musical goodies.

the end