Lola’s Theme — Vocals 1.0

This is a 2-part series, continuing from the previous trumpet series here.

Part 1 — Preparation

The Artist Search

The search for a vocalist was the trickiest of the lot. First, the vocals in Lola’s Theme are so powerful and so integral to the success of the song, that we needed a competent artist to record.

We thought we’d found our “soul sister” but the day before recording she cancelled on us. Subsequent attempts to tie her down to a recording session failed so we moved on to explore other avenues.

Knowing that we were now a week behind schedule, I unabashedly exhausted all my contacts to find an artist. Eugene and Adam did the same, and by the week’s end, we had a few artists whom we thought we could call on.

Quickest to respond was Demi Cruickshanks, a friend of Adam’s friend (2 degrees of separation), and we locked her in to record.

Booking the Session

Once Demi was confirmed, we booked 6 hours of recording time in the Neve, which with an hour to set up and factoring-in likely stoppages, would give us at least 4 hours of recording time.

The roles for this session were rotated again. Adam would function as the DAW Operator, Eugene as Live Room Engineer and I would function as Console Engineer.

As Live Engineer, Eugene had the extra responsibility of drafting our pre-production plan. He decided on an exclusively AKG setup, choosing the C414 and the C1000 S.

Final Thought

In hindsight, bringing in Demi, an artist whom none of us had heard sing before was incredibly risky and a poor strategy to follow in the future. Fortunately, we got lucky here and Demi suited the role perfectly.

Following in Part 2 will be a review of the recording session.