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You’re like someone who has a flip phone in today’s world because you don’t like those new fangled things called smart phones because they aren’t “what you’re used to” even though they’re faster, do more stuff, and make your life (mostly) better.

Have you been watching the same team as everyone else? They get a ton of open shots with how they play on the offensive end. The people shooting with hands in their face are the teams trying to mimic them (i.e. Kyrie Irving), which I think is your point, but saying that’s what Curry does isn’t the whole story.

KD has played transcendent on both sides of the ball in this series, Klay is one of the best two way players in the league right now, and the favorite for DPOTY is Draymond, so I don’t know how you can say there has been no defense.

Lastly, the rule about “being in the act of shooting” is ambiguous and has lots of room for interpretation. Why are you blaming Steph Curry for exploiting this rule? If it’s unclear what the right call is, why not jack up a half court shot and try to get fouled? Maybe that will prevent other teams from making these types of fouls in the first place.

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