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I’m on a team to build an app that links up volunteers and organizations. Fortunately my role is working in Redux (yay!), so I get to coordinate closely with our front-end and back-end leads. Redux needs to fetch from the server the right data at the right time, then serve it up to the state in a way that is easy to use. Part of my planning is examining user flows in similar apps.

Our app has two primary tables: users and opportunities. A user may be an organization that lists an opportunity (to volunteer, to donate, etc.); another user may be an individual volunteer to signs up for an opportunity. …

Today I’m committing to journaling and sharing my progress as I enter the field of web development. This has been a commitment to myself: if I’m going to spend 40-, 50-, more hours a week doing something, I want to enjoy it. I also want to share, as there is more to life than competition, and we all benefit if our neighbors are a little better off.

I’m half-way through the web development program at Thinkful, which means time to work on my resume and portfolio! …

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