The President’s Reasons for Vetoing JASTA Don’t Add Up
John Cornyn

Senator Cornyn, I fear that you and 96 of your colleagues will soon regret the decision to override the President’s veto. In fact, it looks like you already are as Majority Leader McConnell is already calling for JASTA to be tweaked. If that is the case, then why pass it before tweaking?

This looks like nothing more than a zealous effort to “win one over” on Obama. In doing so, you have jeopardized the safety and security of our men and women in uniform — leaving open the possibility of them being held accountable while acting under direct orders from their superiors.

I implore you Senator Cornyn, as the chief sponsor for this bill — to spearhead the immediate amendment of JASTA. In its current form, it is far too broad and puts our country, our citizens, and most importantly our men and women in uniform at risk.

As a Texan and registered Republican who has voted for you in your three election cycles, this is unacceptable. Our brave men and women should never be put at risk for the sake of politicking. They deserve better from their elected officials.

I would never have thought that I’d be in complete agreement with Senator Reid, but here I am. I voted for you because I believed you’d do what is right, not what is popular.

Brad Groux
Houston, TX

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