On the Existential Perils of Becoming Artificially Intelligent
Brad Heitmann

Bonnitta Roy : I think well executed poetry can be an effective entry point for paradoxical reasoning, as per my poem above which is a response to a transhumanist essay on A.I. Or at least I perceive this is the case. I’m never quite sure that I’m “getting it” when it comes to paradoxical reasoning — I’m always wondering if I’m stuck in a dialectic mode — but I do find subconscious structures emerging when I write stuff like this that I don’t notice until afterwards. Mostly in the form of chiasmus, self-referential arguments / recursion, as well as impossible verb tense combinations that theoretically trap the reader in a time loop. So perhaps you’ll find some “there” there. Or, at the very least, you’ll find some “now” now.