LAs power play will garner plenty of attention, but the race for the Western Conference crown is comprised of a deep field

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Remember five months ago when the Golden State Warriors were healthy with a full Hampton’s 5 lineup and on the brink of constructing a full-fledged dynasty? Yeah, me neither.

Now Kevin Durant is in Brooklyn, Andre Iguodala is…well listed on the Grizzlies’ roster but potentially touring Europe for all we know, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are on the shelf, and Draymond Green is…wait is Draymond a truly sympathetic figure? Impossible.

Another summer whirlwind sent Top 20 stars on the move across the league with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Anthony Davis constructing LA power duos folks have slobbered with attention. Even outside of the two LAs, the Western Conference still has plenty of other candidates with legitimate cases to benefit from the Warriors’ demise and book an NBA Finals trip. …


Bradley Heltzel

Sports Writer for Times West Virginian newspaper. Sports Journalism Major- Marshall University

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