I’ll say that I listen to one or two audiobooks a week; fictional and non-fictional.
Simon Frederiksen

Thanks for the recommendations! Awesome that you enjoy reading so much!

Interesting perspective on the books that I’ve read. I do enjoy self-improvement books, however you may have missed the majority of books on my list that wouldn’t fall into that category.

Really it comes down to what you value and your goals for your time spent reading. I’m not of the belief that my reasons/goals are more noble/better than yours just because I see things differently. In fact, I enjoyed hearing your differing perspective. I would actually like to include more historical books in my reading the way you’ve done.

Personally, I don’t read a lot of non-fiction/fantasy type books because I love learning and that is my reason for reading. I typically find other sources of entertainment outside of books, so you won’t see a lot of non-fiction in my reading list.

I am an entrepreneur because I want to build products and have the resources to impact and inspire people at as large of a scale as possible. But I myself have a lot of improving to do before I get there. So spending time hearing from authors who inspire me and have already had that kind of broad impact has had a dramatic impact on moving me towards my goal.

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