I love to read and I read a lot.
SuperWitty Smitty

That’s awesome that you read so much! I wish I would have done that from an early age the way you have.

The purpose of this post was to reach people who, like myself, haven’t been historically good readers. I get antsy easily so I don’t always have the patience to sit down and focus the way I would need in order to read the volume of physical books as I do audiobooks.

So I appreciate hearing your perspective, but I’m much less interested in getting into the semantics of what qualifies as reading, and much more interested in inspiring people who can relate to me with something that has the potential to improve their lives in the way that audiobooks have dramatically improved mine.

Whether it’s the physical books that I’ve read, or audibooks I listen to, both have been equally powerful contributors to enriching my life, so that was the purpose/focus of this post.

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