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I recently finished watching Zach Holmans video about tidbits he picked up working in the tech world. Here is the link if you are not adept at Google.

In the video, he tells us that finding the one good company is hard, haters gotta hate, you should build ridiculous side projects, and that you should publicize yourself. I was moved by the lattermost comment, and thought I would offer a few further thoughts.

Why Post Publicly?

Its good for you! Here are the top three benefits that I see:

  • It Keeps You Up to Date. No more feeling like you’re falling behind the times, and you’re apprised of the latest and greatest! As a bonus, you might even stumble upon a topic you really enjoy.
  • It Makes You Discoverable. Recruiters love to hear how you think and see what you are passionate about. Also, more tech-savvy companies will have looked over your web footprint before first contact. That includes writing, code, and anything you post on Facebook.
  • It Lets You Create. Writing, or re-posting, lets you create something with a distinct flavor of you that is out there for others to enjoy. You learn something, they learn something, and that is gratifying.

So, there you have it. Now there is no excuse not to go build your own public blog, and then post the code publicly. As for me, here is my GitHub.

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