“Brooklyn Go Hard” (Blog 1)

Popular culture is becoming more and more apparent every single day. As technology is constantly being improved, new forms of “pop-culture” arise. It is almost inevitable in today’s society to go somewhere and not see a form of pop-culture. For blog number one, I decided to analyze a music video which demonstrates how the creativity of something simple can grab the attention of millions. Going back to the year 2010, a video was created by two organizations, RED and The Global Fund to fight AIDs in Africa. I believe this video sparks so much attention to not only me but to the millions of people who viewed it due to its uniqueness. The use of billboards and cold-calling is a way of the past. In today’s society the use of media is definitely the most beneficial way to reach out to the American public.

This video goes alongside the song “Brooklyn Go Hard” produced by the infamous rapper, Jay-Z. This may just seem like and average bleak video to some but to me the use of typographic letters is used to bring upon a new form of art that really does an exceptional job grabbing the audience’s attention. This is most definitely popular culture because the video is using the letters of “Brooklyn” to create two distinguished faces. These two images depict the two most iconic rappers in all of Brooklyn, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. I believe the creator of the video used this eccentric creativity to compare the portrayal and characterization of these two inspiring people. I believe people are more inclined to give money especially when faces of well known people are front and center.

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