Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

You see,

there are days when my heart escapes my body and flies out of my mouth as I gasp in complete awe at the life I have created for myself.

There are days when my knees are scraped and my cheeks ache and my eyes sparkle like cheap bottles of champagne because just one turned into three and a small gathering turned into an all-out dance party on my best friend’s countertop.

There are days when I spend the entire morning wrapped in beautiful, unfamiliar arms while whispering quietly and kissing slowly and moving gracefully and talking shyly as if I haven’t spent the prior hours making myself very acquainted.

There are days when the bliss is too much for my small frame to restrain and it escapes my body through my eyes in pretty little sapphire waves which my mother wipes away with her soft, manicured finger-tips as she kisses me on the forehead and whispers “we are so lucky.”

Then, there are days like today,

And today, it hurts.