Russian history (the Indy)

6 best Russian history books

The past year has prompted a predictable flurry of Soviet-themed activity to mark the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. We’ve seen talks, thinkpieces, debates, articles, exhibitions and, of course, dozens of new history books, the best of which we collect here: polemical histories, lengthy biographies of prominent players in the Bolshevik drama and, of course, the more general histories of the Revolution for those seeking a broader portrait.

Were it not for the Bolshevik triumph in 1917, many of the 20th century’s most familiar controversies — the Cold War and its proxy conflicts, the arms race, the space race and the rise of Nazism, fuelled in part by Hitler’s Judeo-Bolshevik bogeyman in Moscow — may never have been. For its drama, its characters, its prelude, its subsequent horrors and the colossal shadow it has cast over the past 100 years, the story of 1917 and its after-effects is one that warrants infinite retelling — something that all of the authors here do exceptionally…

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