Poetry collections (the Indy)

(Best recent poetry books)

National Poetry Day (28 September) is an annual event backed by groups like the BBC, the Arts Council, the Poetry Society and the South Bank Centre with the unambiguous aim of promoting poetry, converting readers who might otherwise consider poetry a pretentious pastime of the few — or, worse still, a bore.

The event revolves around a different theme each year (this year’s is “Freedom”, a topic for which the organisers have compiled a virtual library of freedom-themed poetry) but the day itself is a more general celebration of poetry, with talks, performances and other poetry events taking place throughout the country.

To mark National Poetry Day, we’ve collected some of the best recently published books of poetry, including new collections from established poets, old collections from older poets, new collections from newer poets and even an abridged version of a classic from the canon, Milton’s Paradise Lost…

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