Why do you like Sylvanas?

“ The characters to whom I am most drawn are rebels, revolutionaries, heretics and iconoclasts. Sylvanas is all of those things.

The leadership of the Alliance is composed primarily of people who represent old orders. Varian and Genn are both hereditary leaders who were born to rule. Velen is the immortal space-pope of the most tedious and uninteresting fantasy religion ever devised. Malfurion and Tyrande were revolutionaries of a sort, but they then went on to rule a society that didn’t change at all for 10,000 years. The Bronzebeard line technically came out of a civil war, but as the chosen successors of the Anvilmar, they’re essentially just a continuation of that regime.

That leaves High Tinker Meqqatorque, who is an elected meritocratic leader, and therefore the most legitimate ruler in this entire game. Unfortunately, he’s also a gnome, and therefore a joke. (It’s the voices. A real character can’t sound like a cartoon mouse.)

Sylvanas built a nation out of nothing. She rallied people who had absolutely no hope for the future and united them behind a coherent set of goals. She gave them a homeland where they could be safe, and where they could build a new life instead of running in constant terror. She calls herself a Queen, but the nature of the forsaken obviously precludes hereditary monarchy — she’s more like a revolutionary dictator, ruling by overwhelming public consent if not necessarily an organized election system.

I like Sylvanas because she and her people are a relentless engine for change in a world that is rife with decrepit orders. The invasion of Gilnaes was unkind, and in many ways poorly written, but it also transformed a useless people into something vaguely interesting. WoW without Sylvanas is like a driving game where everyone is forced to obey traffic laws — morally upright but mind-numbingly boring. I don’t want to play a game set in a world where all these ancient kingdoms just pass their crowns down again and again without anyone shaking things up. “ -Saraeth@Ysera.

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