The Female Marketer’s Fear of Marketing
Rhea Drysdale

Rhea Drysdale, can I ask something along the same lines, but from a different perspective? 
I think I’ve been to a good number of conferences and WordCamps around the US. Although I’m a dude, I’m also a dad OF THREE GIRLS! And, yes, they all have websites :-) of their own. My 11 year old has actually been to a few of these conferences with me, and she’ll probably continue attending more as her interest grows. #whoop!

So, what can / could / should I do….
1.) As a Dad: Is there anything your dad could have told you, or anything he could have said to you to help you in your journey that would have made these particular “experiences” different?

2.) I’m in Texas. I toggle between 36 acres with really large bovine :-) and the computer. There’s a part of me that wants to jab jackass men in the balls with an electric cattle prod, but then there’s also a tiny portion of my personality (called my wife) that wants me to not be in jail ~ HA!

So what advice would you give …me!?!? Do you ever wish someone would “…DO…” something when guys do this? Is there something ~ANYTHING~ that I should / could do to attempt to prevent this kinda junk from happening in the first place? ….some type of attempt at a preventative measure?


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