If you hate Hillary so much that you can’t shut up about it, go vote for Trump.

If you hate Hillary so much that you can’t shut up about it, go vote for Trump. We have a two party system, the primaries are over, and hurting Hillary helps Trump. That is the way this works. It is the only way this works. There is not a single other thing you are accomplishing. I know, “That’s unfair, freedom to express my opinion, the system is rigged.” Wow, if only reality would bend to your incessant whining. Maybe you want to vote for a third party. That’ll show Hillary! Vote for Trump. A vote for Stein or whatever is a vote for Trump. Two party system. I know “unfair, rigged, your opinion…” Stop being a child.

Here’s the deal. The rest of us are in a pitched battle against a rising tide of xenophobia and hate that threatens the most vulnerable populations in America. Women, Muslims, immigrants, African Americans, people with disabilities, people who live below the poverty line, anyone falling under one of the LGBTQ letters. These people are all legitimately threatened by a Trump presidency. They will be actually and genuinely harmed. By Trump, his craven lackeys in Congress, and the Supreme Court Justice(s) he gets to appoint. I mean that their lives, livelihoods, and actual physical safety will be threatened in a way that they never would be under Clinton.

I’m rephrasing the same concept over and over because this is important.

Women and Minorities and the poor. Will. Be. Harmed. If Hillary DOES NOT WIN the Presidential Election in our TWO PARTY system.

I do not care if you hate her and think all kinds of bad things about her. Saying it, shouting it, insisting on it when there is only one other option gives that other option fuel, ammo, and an advantage. It suppresses the enthusiasm and motivation we will need voters to have to get out and vote and stop Trump. If you are hindering that just because you are bitter about things that you have made no effort to change in non election years, things that you never put any work into, or because your Jesus didn’t get the nomination instead, if you are willing to put all those vulnerable people at risk so you can shoot off your mouth… Vote Trump.

“But I have a right to express myself.” Sure, and the exercise of that right will have consequences for other people. The people I listed above.

Self expression is a powerful thing. That’s why it is so important. It should not be treated lightly. One should weigh out what kind of impact their expressions will have on the world around them. Not on the ideal world in their heads, but on the actual world they live in and share with other people. I can tell you, the actual consequences you will have on the real world you share with other people because you can’t stop talking about “What a crook Hillary is” is that Donald Trump will get elected and all of those vulnerable populations I listed above will be harmed by his administration.

If you really want to have a better Democratic Party then work for the Democratic Party on state and local levels and on off election years. If you really want third party options then work for a third party on state and local levels and on off election years.

But you’re not changing it halfway through an election year and you’re not changing it by posting borderline abusive facebook status updates. You are just pissing in the wind.

If you can’t stop. If you can’t let it go. Vote for Trump.

We do not live in a perfect world where you get to hate Hillary and still have those aforementioned people live in a country that respects and protects their lives and families. We just don’t. In our binary system, she is the only protector they have on offer in this election. And it would be more dignified, more respectable, for you to face that harsh reality head on and then go out and vote for Donald Trump because your hatred is bigger than your compassion and you have had the internal fortitude to face that, admit it, and act on it, than it would be to keep kicking at the ankles of everyone who is trying to drag this country away from the edge of fascism and xenophobia. I would have more respect for you if you could stand up straight and admit it.

If you genuinely want to change the party, ok, when the immediate danger of electing a fascist has passed, I will be happy to hear your concerns. But for right now, help, get out of the way, or Vote Trump.