Turning your Coffee Bulletproof

I dont think it would take a genius to work out that I like my coffee, I have a long standing subscrption to Pact Coffee. My wife would tell you I have far to many coffee related gadgets to brew whatever cup takes my fancy, and I begin most of my days with at least 2 cups of the stuff.

So when I began reading up on ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ it naturally perked my interest. For those who dont know, Bullet Proof Coffee has been championed by (amoungst others) Dave Asprey, now what is Bullet Proof coffee for those who dont know -

‘’Bulletproof Coffee is a branded coffee drink consisting of “Upgraded” black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and “Brain Octane oil” (an 8-carbon fraction of medium-chain triglyceride oil). The recipe was created by Dave Asprey in 2009.’

Now I like most coffee fans dont mind trying new blends, new methods of brewing and the likes, but what I generally dont do is add additional ingredients. My coffee is also always black. I dont add milk, cream, or sugar (well maybe a half now and then), or anything else. I am a firm believer coffee is like the Shark, born perfect without the need for much evolution. Why am I telling you this?

Well Bulletproof coffee is made using — 2 tablespoons (at least) of grass-fed, unsalted butter. 1–2 tablespoons of MCT oil. All mixed in a blender. I will let Dave Asprey explain the methodology here … https://youtu.be/4YjLMdx3YZY

So you see my pickle, I dont add anything to my coffee, yet the benefits of Bulletproof coffee suggest I should at least give it a try.

So thats what I did.

I wasnt disappointed. It took a few brews to get the blend right but I expected that to be honest. Once I had that down, the coffee taste great. Alot creamier than I expected. I had read each brew sits at approx 400–450 cals, so used this as a replacement for my breakfast. I wouldnt recommend drinking this with a meal as it is really filling on its own. It also doen a great job of keeping my going till lunch, which is something I didnt expect but was pleased with.

Have you tried Bulletproof coffee, wanting to try it but have not yet took the plunge?

Comment below and let me know your experience and if you got the results you where expecting.

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