Oh Captain, my Captain…

Well, how dandy is it being back in the studies? Quite an adjustment to the daily routine, chuck it in with a new job and voila here we are… Learning and stuff. It’s taken two weeks to get my head around just that notion.

I guess my perceptions have been changed as to what really constitutes being an entrepreneur, also that there’s a ‘r’ after ‘p’, who knew? It’s always so silent when said. I suppose the word gets bandied about these days, everyone who’s not working for the man, classifies himself as being one. I must admit, I’ve had a little dig at a few of them… “Well, according to Stevenson, entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled… Ya, crazy, I know, so, you’re not one… hahaha, I joke, but also you’re not.” In my short understanding thus far, an entrepreneur is someone who dreamt of this grand ship called Creative Concept, he had acted upon his dream to build this ship. Started out a little boat, but as things went along he built it up, captained it, steered it through the waves of adversity and risk, with a crew he picked up along the way. Hopefully reaching the land of success and profit in the end… (Using the storytelling tactic to sell my entrepreneur ship)

Okay, let’s be serious for a moment here, I’m thoroughly enjoying the course. There are a few moments whereby you can be both wrong and right, you can post in the discussions for or against an idea. Nobody is wrong, I guess that’s the whole point. Finding a gap you perceive to be open and taking advantage of it, your idea may not be another’s viewpoint… the only way to be truly sure, is by doing the due diligence. It’s quite tricky underfoot. It forces you to engage ideas and challenge your own way of thinking.

I guess my best take out so far has been the words of Clayton Christensen in his Disruptive Innovation talk, it was incredibly simplistic, yet, also quite an in depth view point of the market. I enjoyed how the course provided you with this thought process and then incorporated the Uber Story in the assignments (I saw what you did there, sneaky, I love it) It went down as quite a treat at the Strategy Planning week away with the new company I’ve just joined, cheers for that.

GetSmarter has honestly impressed me, I’m blown away by the content and I want to be able to analyse a market with Simon’s eyes, and then vocalise it in his words, essentially haha!

Keen to get a little more stuck in than I have been, I’m working on that.