Triton Tuesday — 6/12/2018 — First Major Partnership!

There’s a moon named Triton out there somewhere.

Welcome to the thirteenth Triton Tuesday, where the Triton Team provides development updates to our Crypto and eSports communities. We have a great week to recap for you. Here’s what happened:

  • Partnerships
  • Exchanges
  • Phone Apps
  • Code Rebase
  • Mining Profitability
  • Neptune and Neptune Miner
  • First Crypto Convention
  • White Paper
  • Giveaway
  • Network Health
  • Graphics
  • Statistics


The Triton Team is happy to announce our first major partnership! CGN is a gamer, streamer, and eSports themed social media platform with more than 12,000 users! We are now sponsoring their Gamer of the Week community award through August, which we will be giving each weekly winner 500 TRIT! This is going to be a good thing for everyone involved, and we are thankful for this opportunity. If you want your chance at winning 500 TRIT every week, go check out CGN and make a profile!


We are now on a third exchange! Crex24 is unique to many other cryptocurrency exchanges in that you can trade to fiat currency as well. Check out our bitcoin trading pair on Crex24 here.

Phone Apps

Do you have a smart phone? If you do, you can now find Triton listed on two of the biggest cryptocurrency portfolio apps, Delta and Blockfolio. Go ahead, download them and see for yourself :)

Code Rebase

Our lead developer Krakn is swamped with college finals right now, but he is working on getting Triton’s blockchain synced on the new code. He turns in his last final tonight so wish him luck!

Mining Profitability

Our Discord community member Snorf pointed out that we are (as of this writing) the most profitable cryptonight coin to mine, according to the Cryptoisme mining calculator website. This is not the first time we’ve had this distinction. It makes us very happy to know that our miners are making a profit while supporting theproject. Thank you!

Project Neptune & Neptune Miner

Project Neptune Alpha is almost ready for Beta! Krakn is adding features, polishing it up and speeding up donations. We want Project Neptune Beta to be stable, consistent, and fast. One of the new features will give streamers the option to choose for donations and web mining to be forwarded to a charity!

You may be wondering, what exactly is web mining? Krakn has a working prototype of the Neptune Miner which will allow users that are watching a stream to mine with their additional computing power towards either themselves, the streamer, or the streamer’s delegated charity. Users will also be able to choose not to mine at all. The Neptune Miner is scheduled release in Q3 2018!

First Crypto Convention

Krakn will be at the Discover Blockchain Portland Convention on July 15th and represent the project at a crypto convention for the first time! We hope it is educational and fun while also providing an opportunity to talk about Triton to other crypto-enthusiasts. If you are attending please let us know!

White Paper

The first version of Triton’s white paper is now in its collaboration phase with the other team members. Biographies and a newly designed roadmap will be going into it soon, as well as onto the Triton website. Graphics for premine allocation and revenue streams are on the docket to go in next, along with more details on the new codebase we will be forking to (Monero).


We are giving away 500 TRIT to one lucky winner in our Discord community. Come try your luck and talk Triton with us :)

Network Health

One of the mining pools on our network is contributing more than half the total hash rate on the network. This can lead to many different kinds of issues, so we are requesting miners to spread out to others pools. We have many other pools to choose from. The ideal outcome would have miners spread out so much that no single pool controls more than 30% of the network hashrate. Please consider supporting a smaller pool when you mine!


The Triton Team is looking for a graphics designer to assist the team. We are looking for someone that can create logos, banners, website and desktop backgrounds, and other promotional/marketing graphics to be used online and in print. Is this something you can do, or do you know someone that might be interested in helping us in this area? Please let us know!


As of 6/12/2018, the Triton blockchain had 132 miners on 6 active pools, and reached a block height of 44,975. Users have completed a total of 108,000 transactions, while miners have been rewarded with a total of 3.375M coins for their efforts, which brings the emission to 7.59% of the maximum supply.

TRIT trades on three exchanges and had the best weekly performance on TradeOgre, going for 209 satoshis on 0.04 BTC/24hr volume. It also trades on Altex.Exchange and Crex24.

Our Discord community is now up to 663 members!

Our Telegram now has more than 100 members in it!!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The Triton Team is so thankful for how passionate our growing community is for this project. This was our best week yet, and they just keep getting better. What’s going to happen next week?!

-Triton Team

Triton Project is a cryptocurrency focused on revolutionizing the eSports and online content streaming industries. You can contact the team fastest in Discord, and/or follow and message us on Twitter.