Brad Sherwood

This is not to be an ideological comment but just one discussing the unintended consequences of bankrupting companies and hurting them through share prices declines. Certainly you would hurt some billionaires in the short run. But wouldn’t the bankrupting of companies hurt the workers who work there? The people who invested in them in their 401K. Or the State Pensions, University Endowments that have invested in to be able to cover their liabilities of an aging work force? Wouldn’t companies facing an all out attack in the manner you suggest just domicile their headquarters in a nation where the populace was not using such tactics? Wouldn’t they just move their stock market listing to a different exchange in a different country? Wouldn’t wealth just move offshore?

The bankruptcy of Enron, a fraudulent company, hurt some billionaires but also caused despair amongst the middle class employees. Edmund Burke warned of the French Revolution that they were burning the house down to fix the roof and forgetting about where to live in the mean time. Bankrupting numerous companies may improve inequality by dragging the 1% down to lower levels, but wouldnt a better policy be trying to lift the bottom 20–40% up?

Your strategy seems grounded in vengeance and not justice.

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