Camping at Cadell

Hello I am writing a blog about why Cadell is one of the best river side camping spots and the way to get there from the city. The way to Cadell is around a two hour drive if you are coming from the city of Adelaide but there is multiple ways to get there the one way i have always gone is as follows.

Before me and my dad leave to go to Cadell we spend around a day and a half of packing his van with the supplies needed such as tents, tables, food and the other essentials. Once everything is packed and you have triple checked for what you need and would like, then you start on the journey preferably in the morning around 9:00 am is the best time so you can arrive there at about 11:00 am and hopefully find a good place to camp as well as stopping at the bakery on the way because it has some of the best pies.

How to get there.

There are a lot of camping spots when you get to Cadell but first so you will need directions (if you want a shortened answer please look up the fastest way to get to Cadell on Google Maps ( and skip the rest of this paragraph). First off you want to start by driving to Gawler and then taking the Thiele highway going towards Kapunda. Stay on the highway until you get to Eudunda keep on the the Thiele highway but go towards Sutherlands and Mount Mary. Once you reach Morgan this is where the great bakery is so you will want to stop and eat there. Once you have finished eating and grabbing more items perhaps then you will want to go to the Morgan ferry and cross the river once on the other side follow Morgan Cadell Rd, when you get to Hodge Rd you are on the right track you are pretty much in Cadell there isn’t much there but i recommend stocking up on worms and other small things. Then you are ready to go to the river bank and set up your tents and other things. I am not going to say where i camp because other wise it may become too populated and that is never a good thing. Thank you for reading and i hope you have a fun and safe adventure. Also i would not recommend you go in the winter as the banks may flood. Whereas spring is probably the best time to go because the flowers are blooming and while you will catch more female fish the males are generally bigger. In my next blog post i will talk about my best experience when going to Cadell.

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