My Favourite Experience at Cadell

The best experience i have ever had when i went to Cadell was back when i was only 7 years old and my entire family went whereas now only me and my dad go. It was just 7 days after my birthday when we went on a 3 day camping trip. On the morning of the 22nd we had just about everything packed beside the frozen things because they had to be packed in last. It was 7:45 in the morning when we left for the 2 hour drive, we left early because we knew that the place we camped was going to get busy, fast especially in spring and on a long weekend. When we arrived at the bakery at Morgan i had a beef and cheese pie that was delicious and i had my favourite dessert a Kitchener bun plus a bottle of vanilla coke.

We set off after we all finished eater which took about 15 minutes and then we were off to Cadell. Once we got there we set up in our regular spot near a curving tree with a massive open area. After everything was set up we cast the yabby nets and fishing lines we waited around 6 hours before we pulled up the yabby nets and in that time the fishing line bells went off around 15 times in total with 3 fishing rods cast into the water. We had a relaxing time while we were there and had a lot of fun playing with the fish and yabbies in the buckets. On my fishing rod i caught a 68cm Murray Cod with was pretty big at the time for 7 year old me and i played with in the a bucket for about 2 hours before we cooked and ate it along with a sausage on bread. That was my best experience going down to Cadell and i hope you enjoyed reading this.

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