Time Well Saved

My dilemma

Being a web developer with lots of clients, I found it annoying to have to constantly navigate to their site, or to one area of the backend. (i.e page manager or forms section) I also use Basecamp for project management. I would have to log in, find the client I was looking for and then I would be able to see their task. While it may seem like a small thing, doing this multiple times a day adds up and I don’t like to waste time!

During my search for a solution, I found Freeter. (freeter.io)

My Solution

Once I found Freeter, I instantly knew it was gonna change the way I work. For each client I had I could create a ‘Project’. And within that project, I have multiple dashboards. This is the Main dashboard: (I’ve blurred out part for privacy)

Main Dashboard

This has a few ‘Link Opener’ widget which open ups different parts of the back-end CMS. I use this to quickly navigate to whatever part of the back-end I need. I also have a ‘To-Do List’ widget for that client, a ‘Text’ widget for if I need to take quick notes and a ‘File Explorer’ widget which opens the master folder for that client.

Then I have my Basecamp dashboard

Basecamp Dashboard

On the left, I have a ‘Webpage’ widget, which open ups the client Basecamp. This eliminates me having to go through the steps I mentioned before. I open this tab and BOOM! it’s there. On the right, I have another ‘Webpage’ widget with that client Slack channel.

The best part is I can duplicate my project for every client, and change that links on the widgets. No need to recreate the project every time. I can also sync my Freeter data to the cloud and use it on multiple computers.


Freeter has greatly revamped the way I work. No more navigating web pages, no more looking through folders trying to find a client, it’s all in once place.

PS: The actual best part is Ctrl+Shift+F, not gonna tell you what it does. You have to find that out yourself.