Michael Hyatt Podcast- A Way Towards Effective Goal-Setting

Michael Hyatt was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S. He is also the author of the international bestseller: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. He is now a goal setter for the individuals and companies and guides them towards a sound financial planning. Michael Hyatt Podcast on the 10 Biggest Goal setting Mistakes People Make (and how to fix them) is the best platform for many people to get expert advice on setting goals.

Michael Hyatt Podcast features all the tips and tricks to set the goals for the future. He also discusses certain methods to fix the mistakes you made while setting your goals. Michael Hyatt Podcast focuses on simplifying and demystifying goal setting. He assures people the effectiveness of goal-setting with a proven process and the most common mistakes people make over and over. The Podcast reveals the success story of Michael because of the effective goal setting and his persistent efforts in accomplishing his goals.

The Michael Hyatt Podcast covers all the below mentioned points:

• How goal-setting is more efficient that New Year Resolutions.

• The ideal number of goals you should create. An excess number of goals will make it inevitable to accomplish and too few goals will not be able to cover the major sections of your life.

• How you get super-specific in goal setting and why it is significant.

• The importance of Deadlines in goal-setting because without a deadline your goal is little more than a dream.

• Follow through your goals and avoid ending up in the same place as you were in last year.

• The three “negative emotions” (actually positive) that indicate that you are going in right direction.

• How Michael’s morning routine affects his possibility of achievement of goals.

• How he uses EVERNOTE to keep his goals visible.

• How you can set meaningful goals by being in “discomfort zone”.

Apart from the aforementioned things, there is a lot more to discover in Michael Hyatt Podcast that will transform your thinking and assist you towards effective goal setting.

So, if you want to advance in your life and accomplish your goals timely then you must watch the Michael Hyatt Podcast. It will change your life drastically and you will be able to achieve the goals set by you successfully.