How to Make User’s Life Miserable (UX From Hell)

Most of you have probably seen RyanTheComputerGuy’s post If Satan was a web developer” about phone number input. If not — totally check it out.

Today, though it’s not friday yet (all the more reasons to chill just a bit), I want to present you some funny (and totally messed up) volume controls. Brace yourselves, here it comes!

We’ll start off with a classic.

And how about a pun? 🙃

No human can set volume with such precision!

For programmers only. (I’m dying from “Sorry, I’m an idiot”)

Too bad someone else uses this.

Ready. Hold. Fire!

“A mouse cursor moved. Windows 98 needs to restart to apply changes”

They should make a version with d20 and such for DnD fans.

How about some math?

Let’s see how much can you get.

They say, you can find everything in Pi number.

Randomization is the key 😏

Catch me if you can.

Physic-based web development!

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We put a maze game into your volume control so you can control the red square while you control volume while watching the movie.

Have a nice day!

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