My Two Cents on Instagram Stories and the Evolution of Social Platform
Gary Vaynerchuk

great take as usual Gary. Thanks for helping me dissect this product news.

I think its a fascinating but completely predictable play by the Instagram team. Many will cry foul for simply copying the successful functionality of a rival player in Snapchat, but this is how technology evolution works. Its not about being first to market, but letting others pave the way so you can take it to the next level.

I reckon the problem for Snapchat here is that whilst they’re becoming a mainstream force, their not there yet. We’re still talking a curiosity for many and uptake is still in early adopter phase. Meanwhile, Instagram has mainstream adoption, so adding to their functionality will give them an even greater lead. Not saying Snapchat killer, but I reckon its going to help keep Insta out in front. There’s room for multiple players in this hugely growing landscape.

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