Why Instagram will not kill Snapchat
Mark Schaefer

Thanks for this Mark. Nice early take on the news which I appreciate in helping to break it all down.

I’m inclined to agree that we’re not talking Snapchat Killer but we are talking about something that is going to keep Snapchat in its niche for the forseeable future.

Over the past 12–18 months we were seeing Snapchat get that traction through the normal product evolution cycle of Early Adopter buzz and into a slight mainstreaming, at least via the younger demographic that you’ve noted. For mine, there was a strong chance that Snapchat would have kept on in that direction through that mainstreamification (a word?). With Stories, I’m feeling like the already immense, pervasive Instagram/Facebook family has hearts and minds locked up and will curb some of that mainstream creep for Snapchat.

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