4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Dale, this a fantastic essay, perfect for my students who just read a Marxist-feminist critique of Fight Club. I only wish you would have polished and edited it before publishing. One of your gaffs actually alters the entire meaning of one paragraph near the end:

“We can see now why several weeks ago 4chan went to “war” with artists and their “safe spaces”, trying to shut down music and arts venues across the country. What’s striking is how close the populations of 4chan and those who wanted to shut down the “safe spaces” are. The artists themselves are young people on the fringes of the economy who are also immersed in romantic fantasy. The main difference is that the artists have learned different ways to cope with the same problem.”

Unless I’m mistaken, the groups being compared are the 4chan folks who want to shut down the safe spaces and the artists who wanted to preserve, not shut down, the safe spaces. You make it sound like both 4chan and artists wanted to shut down safe spaces.

There are many more typos throughout. If by chance you’d consider polishing this (and you should send it to HuffPo or some major publication — it really deserves a wide audience), please let me know so I can give the finished version to my students. I’m at bbutterfield@uwlax.edu. Thanks.

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