Develop Valuable and Actionable Content Based on Your Market’s Needs

Order is important. And just like you cannot determine the needs of your market without first defining your target market, you cannot develop content before you determine the needs of your market and how to communicate with them. Once you have accomplished the first two steps, then you are ready for creating content for your market to start to get the word of your work out.

Many financial planners approach creating content like used typical salespeople. They are looking to hook the consumer with some really interesting line about how they can do these great things, and then just before they get to the “good stuff”, they ask you to call them for more info. Somehow, we need to get away from this mentality. And although it may seem counter-intuitive, you need to give away full, valuable, and actionable ideas for free. Yes, I said for FREE.

We live in an age where 99.99% of the information that you are going to tell a client can be found somewhere on the internet or a competitor. And thinking otherwise is a very dangerous mentality to have. You are not in the information business, and you are not even in the relationship business. You are in the business of saving people time and money. Your client could go look up all the information that you are giving them online for free, but it would take them hours and hours. The real value that your provide is giving them that information faster than they could get it themselves and help them take the action needed to start planning for their future.

Most information is available at our fingertips. The real value is in saving time.

What better way to save them time than give them information that they need for free? By doing this, you will:

  1. Show prospects that you know what you are talking about
  2. Your intentions are truly to help, even if that means sharing your “secrets” for free.
  3. Show your trustworthiness and separate yourself from competitors who are hoarding all of their knowledge
  4. Provide value up front, before you ever make an ask to work with someone. (It is amazing how much easier it is to ask when you have provided value first. And you may not even have to, they may be asking you to work with them if they like your message!)

How referable and easy to share do you become when with one click of a button, your ideal client can share your message and expertise with more people in your target market? By making your message specific and actionable, you are providing value up-front for prospects. And if your information is valuable enough, they won’t help but be curious about what else you know and entertain the idea of working with you.

Create a blog or a Youtube channel to share your messages. This is a quick, easy, and free way to share your message and have a place for your prospects to check you out. Because they’re checking your competition out, and if they have content available and you don’t, you better have one compelling sales pitch if you hope to compete. And yes, it can be a pain to get things through compliance. But it is not as bad as many advisors think it is and not near enough of a reason to stop you!

P.S.- I will talk about how to manage compliance in a future article so stay tuned!

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