You are more than those thoughts of loneliness,

that fall upon your cheek.

You are more than those thunderous moments,

when the world’s too loud to hear you speak.

As I write this, believe me, I feel broken too,

but I’ve never known a broken being to not be of some use.

Happy…sad, it’s okay to be either, and normal to feel the latter.

Just know, if you’re made up of matter, you matter.

Tread the waters of this emotional ocean.

Brave the waves.

Breathe it out and swim in a forward motion.

You’re stronger than the fears you face.

Some see brokenness in your words,

but I hope you find hopefulness in every verse that hurts.

We’ve survived longer than any of our doubts.

If we head in the wrong direction, we’ll find another route.

Fight with me. Live with me.

I know that worries creep in swiftly.

Tell me when you need me,

Scream when I’m not listening.

Tell your demons you’ve found meaning,

You’re no longer soliciting.

Sad or happy.

I’m there for you in the former.

It’s a cold world, but it’s up to us to make it warmer.

If you’re made up of matter, you matter.

I’ll be there with you before and stay with you after.

I promise we’ll once again find that laughter.

Don’t give up.

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