Bradley DiNunzio on Why Being a Parent is Both Difficult and Rewarding

Bradley DiNunzio
3 min readMar 25, 2020

Being a parent is both challenging and rewarding. It can be difficult to get used to juggling parenting responsibilities and work responsibilities.

Bradley DiNunzio, recruiting expert and entrepreneur based in Orlando, Florida, is a proud father. Reflecting on his life as a parent, Brad recalls how overwhelming it was at times to raise children. However, he also understands and knows how rewarding it is to be a parent.

Parenting Challenges

Poor Role Models

Many parents lack quality role models in their lives growing up. Even good parents have problems and new parents often worry that they will harm their own kids in ways they felt harmed by their parents.

It can often feel to new parents that one mistake will forever traumatize a child, but that is rarely the case.

The good news is that great parents come from all backgrounds. But some parents must work harder than others to trust themselves and lean into the naturally loving bond that exists between parent and child, notes Bradley DiNunzio.

Fear of Loss

As the saying goes, having a child is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Adults that at one time seem to have no fear suddenly lose sleep over the possible tragedies that might befall their child. Children are a gift that no parent would want to lose.


The stereotypical scene between a couple looking over a positive pregnancy test reveals two adults reeling from the realities of what it will mean to become parents. As a new parent, you still have to learn to shoulder the intimidating responsibility of being a parent, says Brad DiNunzio.

Why the Rewards Make it All Worth it

Bearing Witness to Growth

It is a privilege to watch your children grow. Few things in life feel as rewarding as watching a child take their first step, say their first word, or graduate from high school.

Parents get to watch their children mature physically and emotionally and there are so few joys in life that can compare.

Family Love

Just when a person felt that they have no move love to give, the arrival of a child grows their capacity for love. As if by a miracle, the child reciprocates that love to the parent, and the two feel irreplaceable to one another.

Brad DiNunzio on a Sense of Fulfillment

Parenting is exhausting, but the effort breeds great reward. Raising children is one of the most eye-opening and maturing experiences available to us as humans. Parents get to mentor young humans into adulthood and then watch their now-grown children take on the world in their own, unique way.

Bradley DiNunzio is a veteran salesman and recruiter based in Orlando, Florida. He has spent 25 years at a major direct selling business mentoring more than 20,000 representatives in over 50 countries. Mr. DiNunzio retired as recruitment manager at this business in 2014 in order to launch his own brand. Brad launched DiNunzio International LLC and helps his clients with sales recruiting, training strategies, selling solutions, motivational speaking, and more.



Bradley DiNunzio

Recruiting Specialist and Entrepreneur based out of Orlando, Florida. Over 25 years of industry experience.