Bradley DiNunzio’s Career and Industry Experience

Bradley DiNunzio is a recruitment specialist and entrepreneur located in Orlando, Florida.

In the last 25 years Brad has spent his career being a part of a major direct selling company’s continued success and expansion in the American and International marketplace. He has trained and mentored over 20,000 direct selling representatives in over 50 countries and has worked alongside Regional Vice Presidents & Divisional Supervisors of major direct selling businesses worldwide since 1996. He was Recruiting manager and assistant to The President of of this major company from 2000 to 2014.

After dedicating 25 years to sustaining and advancing this brand, he has opened his own company & plans to use his talents, unique insights and hard-earned expertise to apply the sum total of what he knows about recruiting and excelling in the direct sales business not only to one industry, company or product but to offer it to all of them.

DiNunzio International LLC is fully prepared to work with clients through every step of their journey to growth and dealer power. DiNunzio International will help to develop you a definitive roadmap that enables you to reach, open and exploit every segment of your market in recruiting and increase sales. They will help you fully realize your company’s true potential through sales recruiting, business & training strategies, selling solutions, motivational speaking, and much more.

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Recruiting Specialist and Entrepreneur based out of Orlando, Florida. Over 25 years of industry experience.