An insight into the proposition and recap on week 1

I’m a week and a bit into running HIIT(high intensity interval training) workouts live from my front room. The workouts start at 7am GMT and last between 20–30 minutes. These sessions are designed to raise your heart rate and burn fat in less time than classic cardio workouts. All the sessions are curated by me and delivered beforehand — here’s an example. Think of it as a HIIT workout buddy for anyone in the world, time zone permitting.

The idea stemmed out of my own desperation of having no motivation to get up and exercise on a daily basis. In an attempt to hack my motivation, I knew having people relying on me would get me up. As a participant, all you need is a pair of trainers, a screen to follow along with and likely some water to quench your thirst. Oh, and maybe a towel to wipe your sweat. I’ll do the rest.

You’ll get:

  • A workout plan for the sessions delivered beforehand
  • A HIIT workout buddy to train with (Note: a buddy, not a Personal Trainer)
  • Answers to your questions on how to complete exercises
  • Fitter and healthier

And I’ll get:

  • A number of people relying on me that I cannot let down
  • More organised and better at preparing workouts
  • Fitter and healthier

Sure, not everyone will be able to tune in for 7am. In the future, it’s likely there’ll be a daily live session that loops every 30 minutes or so. I’m definitely open to ideas here.


The aim was to run a test as quick as possible with a small audience. Luckily, I work with open minded folks at Mint Digital and also managed to rope in my partner. Audience, sorted.

You know most people who lack motivation would just hire a PT right? Not become one.

I initially started with Periscope but the quality of the stream was poor, and trying to balance my iPhone in the corner of my living room was a nightmare. Also even with my phone landscape it didn’t capture enough and I couldn’t fit myself in. Maybe not the apps fault but meant it definitely wasn’t the right tool for me.

I also tested Periscope streaming through a GoPro which solved this, but the camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to my iPhone, leaving only the costly mobile data connection available for streaming!

Next I played around with YouTube Live and Ustream in that order, both using the built in FaceTime HD Camera on my Macbook Air. The camera managed to capture just enough of the available space in my living room to do most workouts comfortably. I’m not totally convinced I used YouTube Live correctly as I somehow always ended up in a one-way Google hangout.

I decided to go with Ustream for the time being and using their free plan. So with my laptop propped up on an incredibly large tub of lollipops #bradfuelledlife came to life.

I wasn’t lying about that large tub of lollipops.

I worked out live 3 times the first week. My first workout was me and 2 others, my second me and 1 other and my third was me and 3 others. THREE actual people woke up and worked out with me at 7am and worked up a real sweat. Awesome.

30 seconds of push ups — a typical HIIT exercise

Next steps

This week and probably next I’m going to delve into streaming from an external camera. I’ll have to figure out things like encoders, capture devices, and whatever else streaming video requires. I’ll also try to increase my audience by 3 — 4 people.

I’ll post another update here in a week or so. Want to join along to the workouts? HIIT me up on @bradleyfew.

Thanks for reading.