How Is Vegas Cover Legal?

photo: Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas by Marc van der Chijs on flickr

I’ve noticed that with all of the equal rights issues that are being talked about; transgender bathrooms, feminism, racial issues-- with all of that, nobody ever mentions Las Vegas cover charges.

What do I mean? Well have you ever been to a club in Vegas? If you haven’t, guys pay upward of $50 to $100, sometimes more to get in while on the other side I've seen the cover charge for women (that's right, they're different) be around half that. In fact, I don’t think I've ever seen it be more than $25 for women, and sometimes it's free.

And it’s not like this super secret thing. I’ve seen flyers being handed out that say upfront that there are different cover charges for men and women. And really, nobody says anything about it. I get that it’s a private institution, but isn't that gender discrimination? I feel that there would be an uproar if it were the opposite or if it were based on race or sexual preference.

It's the only place I've seen the phenomenon. Granted I haven’t been to that many places in the world, but wherever I have been to clubs, it’s been the same cover for men and women. If anything it was like the hush-hush type situation where the bouncer lets girls in free because they're “pretty” or whatever, but never straight up on the flyers did it advertise different cover charges.

At the end of the day, it’s just a party, but I think it's pretty unfair. Aren't you technically running a business? And as a business aren’t you not supposed to be able to get away with stuff like this? Or is it perfectly legal to start something where you let people in based on gender, race, sexual preference etc.?

What if... Uber, for example, started doing that? Or the buses or airlines? What if they started charging that way? What if restaurants charged different prices for each person? And Disneyland-- what if Disneyland charged different prices to get in depending on your gender, sexual preference, or race? Are Vegas clubs technically outside of business regulations or something (mob stuff)?

I don’t know if there have been any lawsuits based on this, but if there have been I wouldn’t be surprised. Is it just because nobody cares or because they think that's just the way it is so they just accept it? I don't know, it's just food for thought. Chime in and tell me what you think, because this is always been something that's been strange to me.

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