The Whole World is a Gang War

photo: wikipedia (war on drugs)

If you really think about it, the whole world is massive, organized gang war. They try to make it seem like the governments are the good, and the guys operating on the street are the bad guys when really it's just that the more powerful gang wants to keep the less powerful from doing what they do because it keeps the balance of power in their favor.

Look at it; Our government controls the TV stations, the mass consumer market-- they control most everything. The guys operating outside the law aren’t necessarily bad people. Not saying some of them aren’t “bad,” but if you think about it, they're just doing business on their own terms. That's why the government doesn't like it. The government can’t take a cut of the things that don’t run through them.

If you’re still not getting it, look at the pharmaceutical industry for example. That’s government drug dealing. Look at mainstream media; most TV and movie programming. Half of it is either government propaganda or American systemization. They're training us to keep their system running. America wants to make sure their gang remains strong. I can’t speak for the other countries in the world (since I haven’t lived outside the U.S.), but I feel like this currency-based system the world created, that is what “country” is about.

Who controls the most resources, who has the biggest guns. Not to make it so simplistic, but that's truly what I feel the world is at the highest level. Beneath that, within country, you can sell the dream of being whatever you want, working your way up and it happens to some people but even if you get it, you'll still be under jurisdiction of someone else. You may be very close to freedom, like 97%, but there will always be that governing power.

The way they enforce their policies? Police, military. And while they're protecting our home turf, they're being sent to other countries in order to spread our ideologies. Because the more people you get to buy into your way of thinking, the more your influence spreads and the more power you gain.

We’re trained from young age to believe that the American way is the best way. Now with YouTube and the internet there’s so much information available and people are starting to see things differently. It could be just me, but I think our country is becoming more divided than ever, like more people are questioning the American system. I mean, just look at this year's election.

And another thing, people seem to say that America is one of the richest countries in the world but my understanding is that we have a lot of debt as a country and as individuals... If so many people in the country aren't rich, then doesn’t that make the us as a country not rich? Sure the rich people are really rich, but that’s like judging a 3rd world country on the net worth of its royalty.

And when people compare what we have to what most people live off (something like less than $2.00 a day), that doesn't work either. Yes we have more and would be rich wherever they are, but we're not there. It's about what it cost to keep a person alive in a given area. $50.00 a day in New York City means you're damn near homeless, but in other parts of the country that's enough to be okay. To me is not about how much money you make, it's how much you have left over after living costs.

But I digress, that’s off topic. Back to the gang war thing. Let me know what you think. Do you agree? Disagree completely? It just comes off to me as organized crime on the highest level and whoever has the most power is going to be able to dictate what the laws are and thus what is considered illegal. But maybe I’m just totally wrong. I know there are people with a lot more knowledge on the subject so please, feel free to drop some.

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