Day 2 of 30 consecutive days of blogging

There’s a story of a beautiful woman that dances in the streets. She dances and she sings. She stands on the corner, she lifts her voice loud for any and all to hear.
As she lifts her voice some insert their fingers into their ears and flee. They do not recognize her beauty because of her skin color.
There are some who stop to admire her beauty for a moment. Ultimately though they do not allow the power of her song to touch their hearts and they move on unchanged!
This beautiful woman who dances and sings is named Wisdom. She lifts her voice on every street corner of the world!

I am a consumer of a ton of material in my search for knowledge and wisdom. Through the course of my search maybe the wisest individual I have come across is a man by the name of “Gary Vaynerchuk” or just “Gary Vee!”

If you don’t know who this man is, I would recommend you look into him if your able to cope with someone who cusses like a sailor, was once Americas number one wine salesman that moved on to bigger things and will one day own the New York Jets!

I know right off the bat, there will be people who read this, as the majority of people reading this will be Christians that will say one should have nothing to do with one like Gary Vee. To which I respond, according to scripture wisdom is on every street corner crying out. You would be a fool to put your fingers in your ears and run from Gary Vee because of the color of his skin.

Wisdom is everywhere for those with open ears. I would say be careful and guard yourself when it comes to searching for wisdom. Even among those who say they are Christian. Truth of the matter is I have been given advice by christians that is far less christ-like than what Gary Vee has to say.

There is little advice Gary Vee offers that I think is advice contrary to scripture and the teaching of the Bible. I think there are two measuring sticks when it comes to receiving advice.

1) does it contradict God’s Word in any way and 2) does it align with James 3:17 which says the wisdom of God is first pure, peaceable, full of mercy, impartial, gentle, open to reason, full of good fruits and sincere. If advice can be ran through those two filters, take it and run with it.



The world is changing. It’s always changing. As it changes we must adapt.

Gary Vee talks a lot about changes that have occurred over the last 20 years and as the changes came he not only adapted but adapted early. His adaptation and response was a key in his success.

If we do not adapt then we are living in an old frame work. Adapting is best practice and really adapting is all about attention.

Ask were is the attention of the masses? Whatever is the answer to that question, that is were your attention should be. Something to understand though is attention shifts. As it shifts, we must shift.

“You didn’t grow up driving.. you figured it out” — Gary Vee


Gary Vee sometimes talks about how he doesn’t like his motivational side because it makes people feel good, while nothing about that person changes.

If we as Christian leaders are just about making people feel good and never positioning them to be a practitioner what true value have we brought in their lives?

If you watch Gary Vee interact with people he gets very lit when he can tell someone has no interest in applying what he is telling them. Why? Because he is doing his part to raise people up.

Why do the vast majority of Christian leaders sit unmoved by the fact people are not being raised up in their midst?

“You need to spend all your time and energy on creating something that actually brings value to people” — Gary Vee


Gary Vee was once advising a 22 year old entrepreneur. She jokingly told Gary when she’s a millionaire at 25 she would go to New York and shake his hand.

Gary cut her off and told her point blank on the spot that statement was evidence to him she wouldn’t.

Some might look at that and say it’s cold. Is it? In the end, truth is truth.

Look through scripture and you will see when it came to truth, men of God stood unwavering! Why do so many waver today?

I once heard a Christian leader make absolutely ludicrous statements. I was hot. I was then told by another Christian leader I should let it go because the people the leader who made ludicrous statement runs with are very influential.


When will truth matter again?

“Effort is grossly underrated” — Gary Vee


Hustle and work seriously defines everything Gary Vee is about.

Maybe my favorite Gary Vee quote is “Don’t justify your dreams, execute them!”

Stop sitting, stop dreaming, stop making excuses, stop wasting time and go do!

Seriously just go do it!


Nothing good in life comes without hustle and work. If thing aren’t what you want them to be, then get up and hustle.

Despite what many shady scammers would tell you, there is no shortcut in life.

There’s no short cut in family, business, ministry or whatever mountain your looking at. You got to put in the work!

“It’s easy to dream about it but much harder to execute it!” — Gary Vee


A lot of times there’s things we want but we have this mentality that we do not have the time for it.

That’s a lie.

If you want something, then you will make the time for it. If you don’t make the time for it, then you must not want it.

You can say you don’t have the time for something but how much TV are you watching. How many hours of your day are wasted. How much idle time do you have? How often are you doing something not productive?

Wrestle with these questions and you will see you have time for that thing you claim you don’t have time for.

The question is how bad do you want it.

“We only get to play this game one time.. One life!” — Gary Vee


There are people who romance the past and wish things were like they were years ago.

The truth is though the world is changing. If you spend your time romancing the past, you will miss the opportunity of today.

There are people who say the modern cell phone has ruined a generation. Sure you could romance the old way or accept things are the way they are and they aren't changing.

Our world is drastically different from the old world of 20 years ago.

Accept it.

This new world is filled with unprecedented opportunity.

“I’m always just looking forward. I spend very little time looking backwards!” — Gary Vee


We live in a world that expects everything now. Like with Hustle though, nothing good in life comes overnight. There is no short cut.

To the Christian leader frustrated with the lack of fruit they think they see, understand what God put inside you isn’t for a moment but a life time.

Take your eyes off what you see and consider the macro. Life is short, but life is long.

Do today with Hustle and excellence and watch what God does over 1o to 20 years. Be about legacy, not about moments.

This is true in scripture. The promises over Abraham were not for Abraham only but it was a legacy for every generations after. Moses didn’t enter the promise land, Joshua did. David didn’t see the temple, Solomon did.

“Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?.. Do that!” — Gary Vee


Every Christian leader would affirm this with words. Few affirm it with actions.

Many Christian leaders have this delusional idea that they are some manner of elite.

Many Christian leaders live this delusional lifestyle were they are unreachable and untouchable.

Many Christian leaders take no time to interact with people and they justify it for a lack of time or some other delusional reason.

I don’t know of a Christian leader who works harder or is busier than Gary Vee. Next time you hear a Christian leader say they don’t have the time, tell them Gary Vee does.

Paul made time for unlearned tent makers. I would encourage you to DM every major Christian leader you can possibly think of and see how many responses you get.

This isn’t just an issue for large scale leaders but smaller leaders as well. When I was a teenager I attended a pretty small church for a few years and never had one meaningful conversation with the Pastor.

“People are your most important commodity” — Gary Vee

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