Four Truths Post Birthing Season

Over and over I keep hearing ministers speak of how we are in a “Birthing Season” right now in the body of Christ. I keep hearing about how God is going to bring forth New Things!
This is incredibly exciting but let’s take some time to wrestle with some deeper implications this has. The idea of God birthing New Things is incredible but consider this, when a baby is born that baby needs an unprecedented amount of care and if that baby goes unattended, the baby is doomed.
We are in a birthing season. This is exciting! However it also means there is a baby that is coming!

When I look to scripture for a season of birthing there are a couple stories that come to mind but one story in particular jumps out to me above all!

That story is the story of the children of Israel in the wilderness. They spent years in the wilderness awaiting the fulfillment of the land that was promised to them. As they wondered the season was a womb season. The thing that would ultimately be birthed was on its way. It had not come yet, but it was coming. Many are there. Many have been there for a long time. If you are there, know it is coming and know the birthing season is nigh.

The story of this womb season reaches its finality as Moses passes and Joshua steps up to the helm. As Joshua steps up, the promise is birthed.

He stands at the Jordan River and as he looks across, he literally sees the land that is promises.

The season of the womb was a true season, in perspective of time though, the birthing season is but a moment and gives way to a generation. As Joshua steps forth and God begins to breathe life on the thing that was promised, that thing comes over time. The fullness of it was not brought instantly.

There are many truths to glean from Joshua stepping up to the helm and the things that followed. Of all the truths we could glean I want us to look at four specific and powerful Truths!

1) Every place your foot treads

As Joshua steps to the helm and stares across the Jordan eyeing the very land that God promised, God affirms the Prophetic Promises that was given to his people.

God declares to Joshua, every place their feet tread will be theirs. Such a powerful promise. As the feet of the children of Israel touch the land, the land belongs to them. The promise has been birth.

There’s an issue though. As they walk into the land, the baby is crying. The cry of the birth is the fact the land is already inhabited and the people are not going to turn over the land just because.

The promises has been birthed but there is a crying baby in the aftermath. We hear that we are in a birthing season and excitement rushes. I think sometimes people hear a birthing season and they think in the aftermath they will inherit fullness, when in reality they inherit a crying infant.

The crying infant is not to be resented. With love and care the crying infant becomes a warrior!

2) Take the land by strategy

As the Israelites cross over the Jordan into the land that God promised them there are major issues they face. As they face those issues though, they were never alone. God was present.

Not only was God present but God was speaking. As God spoke He downloaded divine wisdom on how to handle the Giants and the Walls that they faced.

God spoke and the children of Israel heard. What God spoke didn’t always make logical sense but regardless, they heard and they obeyed.

We may face Giants, we may face walls but God is present. He will give unto us Wisdom and Guidance. He still speaks. Nowhere in scripture does it suggest that God would ever stop speaking. To those who give ear to Him, they will hear Him!

3) Be Strong and Courageous

One of the most amazing things to me as you start the story of Joshua stepping up to the helm is an exhortation that God issues to Joshua three times in Joshua chapter one!

Be strong and Courageous!

As the promise was birthed and Joshua stepped across the Jordan, God already knew what was waiting. God already knew all the ites that were there. He already knew what walls were there. He already knew every issue they would face thet would test their heart.

The issues we face, the immovable wall we are staring at, God has already seen them and He declares over us just as He did Joshua, Be strong and Courageous!

I challenge you! Wrestle with what it means to be strong and courageous as the infant cries. Wrestle with what it means to be strong and courageous as your stare at the immoveable walls.

4) A Generation over a Moment

Finally, consider this! The thing God is birthing in this season, in the moment of the birth it is not for a moment but a legacy that defines a generation. Not just one generation but multiple generations.

What God births here as Joshua steps to the helm was in the womb for over forty years and actually dates back generations before Moses was even born.

We get a promise, a Prophetic Word and expect the fullness of it immediate when in reality Gods time scale isn’t ours. What if we lived with that in mind. What if we spent years laying the foundation with the womb, then nurturing the crying infant, watching it mature and rise?

When will we rise pass this notion that God Prophetic plan is about a moment but instead embrace that it defines a generation? We judge things on a short scale. What if you waited 20 years to judge the infant that is born and before you made any judgement you invested 20 year of seeing growth and maturation into that infant.

Do you realize when Joshua rose, the promise was birthed but he spent the rest of his life tending to the maturation of the infant that came forth? We get excited about the birthing season but are we excited about spending the rest of our lives tending to the maturation of the crying infant? I am!

I leave you with this. You are not alone. God is doing a New Thing. It is coming forth! Jesus declared that from us there would be a River of Living Water that would flow. The River is birthing and the River is flowing! Think it not strange but instead dive in! Jesus will do all that He has said He would do! We may face mountains and walls on the way but He is with us and will sustain us! Be renewed by the River and hear the Voice of the King! He will direct your path!

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