James One Devotional- Part 4 of 15

This is the 4th Devotional in a 15 Part Devotional Series over the first chapter of James

Despite all our flaws and short comings God is with us. Not only is He with us but He pours His blessing and favor upon us as we go through this journey. What some fail to realize is that blessing and favor is often reserved for when we ask.

This is a simple scriptural truth that we can so easily forget.

Scripture declares we have not, because we ask not.

So ask.

Ask and you will receive.

James 1:6–8 gives powerful instruction for when we do ask.

When you ask God for something, ask in faith and do not waver in that faith.

Ask. Believe. Expect.

In the early 1900 there was a powerful minister that God used in many mighty ways. Stories from this man ministry are still told today. The man in question, Smith Wigglesworth. I have studied every resource pertaining to this man that I have been able to find. Of all the teachings I have come across from him, the most profound nugget I have gleaned from him is when he stated “To ask anything of God twice is to ask with disbelief.”

That can be hard to take. Some may say cruel.

Wrestle with it though.

Wrestle with it as you consider James 1:6–8.

Ask God to move in the area you have given up on.

Ask Him.

Believe Him.

Expect Him.

DAILY REFLECTION: believe God unwavering. Often times circumstances can deny faith. Circumstance can deny what God is doing and saying. Take your eyes off the circumstances. Take your eyes off the natural and give ear to the Spirit of God. Believe His report only. Ask Him to move in those hard area. After you ask, Believe and Expect!

FURTHER READING: James 4:2–3, Isaiah 45:2, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24.

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