Sometimes God beats me with a Wiffle Ball Bat

Day 4 of 30 Consecutive days of Blogging

Sometimes God chases me around in circles and He beats me with a Wiffle Ball Bat.
True Story.
It happens rather often to be honest.
Being beat with a Wiffle Ball Bat doesn’t hurt to bad. The first few times it stings a little but I’ve become relatively numb to His Wiffle Ball Bat.
God can only hit you so many times with His Wiffle Ball Bat before you become accustomed to it.
It doesn’t hurt to bad anymore.
It’s mainly just annoying to be honest.
“YOU HEAR ME GOD! YOUR WIFFLE BALL BAT IS ANNOYING!” (Joking, dont strike me with lighting lol)
I believe God has a sense of humor
For real though, I can deal with being hit by God’s Wiffle Ball Bat. It’s not going to kill me but seriously, I’m tried of the Wiffle Ball Bat.
I’ve seen God flashing His Wiffle Ball Bat my way a few times these last few days. He hasn’t hit me with it, at least not hard until last night.
I’m texting a buddy of mine.
Randomly He breaks the flow of the conversation and just texts the following!
“Habakkuk 2:2–3"
Once I read the text I get defensive with God! I just grab my shoulder shouting at Him “That Hurt! Stop Hitting me with the Wiffle Ball Bat! I get it! It’s annoying though! I promise I’m ready now but whatever God!”
God responds to my angry rant that was in response to Him hitting me with His Wiffle Ball Bat by saying to me, “Who are you to darken my council with words without knowledge?”

God’s Wiffle Ball Bat — Hab. 2:2–3

“And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end — it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.”

So the introduction story to this piece is a bit silly but there is a point behind it. Does God chase me and beat me with a Wiffle Ball Bat? No. Of course not.

In this Parable-Like story I portray, the Wiffle Ball Bat I allude to is patience and waiting.

I have big dreams.


Unrealistic dreams!

Dreams some would say I have zero chance of achieving.

I believe my Dreams are God inspired.

I have these God inspired Dreams and I’m biting at the bit. Like I’m pacing back and forth shout at God “I’M READY COACH! PUT ME IN!”

As I shout about being ready that’s when God hits me with the Wiffle Ball Bat. That’s when He throws lessons on patience at me.


A lot of times it can be hard to wait.



Trust God.

Jospeh in the Bible was a dreamer with unrealistic dreams that the world scoffed at and didn’t understand. Joseph resinates with me because his story is my story.

Jospeh had these God inspired dreams but he found himself stumbling every step of the way.

The fall is not a denial of the God inspired dream but instead the stepping stone in the path to the dream.

When one has a God inspired dream, God did not bestow it for the man but for His will.

Joseph’s dream was not about Jospeh. It was about sustaining his family through the famine.

Your dream.

My dream.

It’s not about us.

It’s about God sustaining His people through famine.

Trust God.




He will do all He has put in you.

He will do all He has said he would do.

God is not one to lie.

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