How You can help the Victims of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew hit Florida this past Friday. The beaches along Florida’s coast were devastated and residents are left without homes. The picture above doesn’t even come close to the damage some areas face. Just seeing the damage and hearing victims stories is heart breaking and it leaves some wondering how to help.

There are ways you can help the victims of this destructive storm.

1. Donations

One way you can donate is by simply texting STORM to 50503. Another way to donate money is to write a check. To pay by check make the check to the Order of United Way of Northeast Florida. Then send your check to PO Box 41428, Jacksonville, Florida, 32303.

2. Go Outside

Another way to help is to get outside and go help. If you live nearby you can go outside and search for people in need. You can offer money, food, shelter, help in cleaning up, etc.

3. Spread the Word

Maybe you are having money trouble, or maybe you live far away, or maybe you can help out with the options listed above. Either way strength comes in numbers. If 100 poeople donate $1 each there’s $100 raised. So just simply giving others the information in this article will help out greatly.

Remember, if you were a victim you would want help too. So don’t hesitate to lend a hand.