Why I Don’t #SupportSmallStreamers & Related Stream Teams
Squall @ KITTY!

Hi. My name is Brad and I used to run a community called Dream2Stream.

I’ll skip the gory details and get straight to it. I was a Twitch streamer who started getting 1k viewers per cast before it started taking it’s toll on me and stressing me out. So I opened up Dream2Stream and stopped streaming.

It was 100% non profit, support based and it got VERY large VERY quick. The core fundamentals:

  • Don’t do follow4follow
  • If you do follow other community members, only do it if you actually like their content
  • Critique one another

Let me tell you why I think these groups don’t work. As someone who solo worked their way up to a large viewership AND ran a community at the time of 800 small — Partnered streamers.

You’re all lazy. Okay, not all. But the majority of people just didn’t listen to my advice. They ignored my core fundamentals. I even did ‘workshop’ streams on HOW TO STREAM.

It simply comes down to, if you’re a small caster and your audience is stuck at 10 viewers or less for over 6 months. You’re not working hard enough.

If you don’t like what I’m saying, that’s fine. I really couldn’t care less.

But Dream2Stream helped a guy called ChefLethalPlays get partnered. A ‘small’ group did that.

We didn’t force thumbgrips down your throat, I spent over £1k of my own money supporting these people as a hobby.

TwitchSharer, SupportSmallerStreamers etc. All crap.

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