Objection Handling 101

What’s your first response when someone tells you they have a problem with what you’re selling?

  • Get defensive?
  • Immediately start telling them why they’re wrong or why they’ve misunderstood you?
  • Tell yourself that the customer is stupid and walk away?

Not surprisingly, each of those would be the wrong way to respond. So, what’s the right way? It’s something we call the “cushion.”

You simply respond with a non-committal, non-judgmental, non-threatening statement which affirms them as a person, and affirms their concerns as real. The customer expects you to fight. The customer expects you to get defensive. So when you respond with “Yeah, I totally understand. It’s perfectly natural to be concerned about _______” it helps your customer to relax so that you can have a thoughtful, rational conversation about their concerns and your product’s value proposition.

Remember, you shouldn’t be trying to sell your product to just anyone. You should be trying to sell it only to those whom you genuinely believe you can help. So you need to be listening well, and so does your customer. This can only happen when both parties are thinking clearly and rationally. And the best way to get to this place of calm discussion is to cushion.

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