Samoa was the first country to celebrate 2018.

I’m not sure if that’s a cause for celebration, I mean does it add certain advantages than the rest of the nations?

About 11 hours later after Samoa, Zimbabwe, my country, welcomed 2018.

I found myself having a discussion with my sister after the celebrations. If the timing of zones and how we perceive time is actually factually correct and to what degree does it affect us?

What phsychology is at play whenever humanity comes close to closing off something to start off something?

It had me thinking how it’s easy to wait for something that is already given to someone. How we wish to experience something that someone has already achieved. How even we measure our lives' movement simply on the basis of location. Does staying in a place that gets into the new year hours later than others have any play on my livelihood?

I found myself haveing many questions on the first day of a new year. Questions that I will actually spend the whole year searching he intricate answer for.

Whether you were in a nation that was first to get to the new year or in a one last, one thing is certain: A NEW YEAR COMES TO EVERYONE.

For now, that should suffice.

Happy New Year to you Reader!

Make 2018 be better than 2017!

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