Selecting the Right Timeshare Cancellation or Transfer Company

We know it is difficult to sort through all of the clutter and find a reputable cancellation company for getting rid of your unwanted timeshare. So many companies look the same, make similar promises, and charge varying fees. Some use lawyers, some are simply advocate groups, while some are non-lawyers that through their actions are committing unlicensed practice of law, which is a felony.

In fact, some non-lawyer advocacy groups are still telling lies that have resulted in members of scam companies such as Vacation Ownership Group being sentenced to prison for defrauding customers trying to cancel their timeshares. If you consult a cancellation company for help getting rid of your timeshare, beware that there are many scammers out there. And victims have lost tens of thousands of dollars in these scams.

As a start, here are a few lies to look out for:

  1. “You’ll get all your money back”: Non-lawyer advocacy groups that promise you’ll get all your money back are lying. If you hear a company say this, remember to ask the hard questions about how they plan to do so. While it is true that money can be recovered in some cases, it cannot be guaranteed.
  2. “We’ll make your payments for you”: If you are concerned about your credit, you need to be responsible for ensuring all timeshare maintenance fee or mortgage payments are made on time. A company that claims they’re making the payments on your behalf is probably just keeping the money.
  3. “We have attorneys on staff”: As non-attorney cancellation companies search for ways to become more credible, they’ve started hiring “attorneys” to just display on their websites without doing any work. With National Cancellation & Transfer, you will have a direct engagement agreement with a law firm in addition to our service agreement. This ensures you are being represented by an attorney. Unless you sign an engagement agreement with a law firm, you ARE NOT being represented by an attorney.
  4. “You can stop making payments immediately”: No one can legally tell you to stop making your required mortgage payment. This is especially true for non-lawyers. If an advocacy group tells you to stop making payments, they are breaking the law. Never take legal advice from a non attorney. Until a contract is legally cancelled by an attorney, whether you make a payment or not is up to you. The law firm will give guidance on this issue.
  5. “You can hire your own attorney cheaper”: First of all, you have to find an attorney who is qualified and experienced in timeshare cancellation and litigation. This is no easy task. Plus it dramatically reduces the options available. You have to sort through the claims and the minefields in dealing with each attorney. Then comes cost. Many times it is more expensive dealing directly with a timeshare attorney because it is just you.

Finally, a REAL Solution to cancel your timeshare legally.

National Cancellation & Transfer is a legitimate solution for properly cancelling or exiting your timeshare obligations once and for all. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints. We have done the industry research. We have aligned with the top law firm in timeshare cancellation for handling all of the legal cancellation work at an affordable cost. We negotiated a much better cost for our clients because of the volume of clients we have.

When you utilize our company’s services you will have an agreement with us that provides a 100% money back guarantee that your contract will be cancelled. You will also have a direct engagement agreement with the law firm.

National Cancellation & Transfer understands that you may indeed choose another option for your timeshare cancellation. However, we want you to be well-informed about your choice. Contact us today for a free consultation and we will answer your questions about what are the legitimate ways to cancel a timeshare agreement. Call us at 844–766–3337. National Cancellation & Transfer — The Recognized Authority on Timeshare Cancellation.