Busting 3 Common Myths about Commercial Roofing Systems

When it comes to commercial roofing, there are lots of myths and misconceptions. Several commercial property owners become victims of these half-truths and false notions that have the potential to drive erroneous decisions. It is essential for property owners to rely on cold hard facts when approaching a vital and significant investment such as a roofing system.

To leave little room for doubt and separate facts from fiction, in this post, we bust three common myths that rank in notoriety. Let’s take a look.

1. Taking care of repairs after the damage is fully done saves money.

Fact: Preventative maintenance is the only way to save money.

Systematic roof inspection and maintenance prevents huge roof repair and reinstallation costs. Seasoned roofing professionals always recommend regular inspection and maintenance of your roof before it leaks. Such forward thinking prevents further damage by taking remedial action in time. Adopting a proactive stance saves commercial property owners lots of money in the long term.

2. Roofing systems don’t need a maintenance program.

Fact: It is crucial to regularly survey the state of roofs.

It is recommended that realty investors and commercial property managers ensure that roofing is examined twice a year. Frequent examination alongside written guidance reports and photos allows you to examine areas that need fixing as soon as possible. Roof inspection services provided to clients by Truimphroofing.net help guarantee the roofing’s longevity. Again, this saves money that would have otherwise gone into cumbersome repairs that usually result when you go without timely and regular inspections.

3. Cover damaged shingles with new shingles can do the trick.

Fact: This strategy may only worsen the damage.

When fixing a new roof, old shingles should be completely removed and replaced with new ones. Though some building codes might buy the myth as acceptable, the truth is it is not a good idea! Underneath shingles lies a layer of wood sheathing such as plywood. Sheathing can decompose because of leaks, inefficient attic ventilation, or age. A feasible way to investigate this layer is to strip away all the old shingles from the deck.


It is imperative that property owners hire commercial roofing contractors to inspect roofing systems. As leading roofers in the industry, Truimphroofing.net emphasises the need for periodic roof inspections, and would like to remind you to schedule the activity for the current year before you forget. Take charge of your roofing system and take away unscheduled repairs, hefty repair costs, and ensure the investment lifespan is optimized. For further information on the above, other myths, or general erudition, feel free to give us a call.