Top 5 Reasons Your Roof Shingles are Curling

Several residential roofs with shingles roof cover experience curling of the shingles due to different reasons such as inadequate attic ventilation and old age, among others. Curling roof shingles are a bad sign for your roof. Homeowners, therefore, are encouraged to take decisive action before the elements take a further toll on the shingles. The best foot forward is to hire a residential roofing contractor in Dallas or anywhere else where the property is located to repair the roof professionally. This blog discusses some of the main reasons your shingles are curling. Let’s get started.

1.Poor Attic Ventilation

It is imperative to know that hot or moisture-filled air rises to the attic. Therefore, if your attic has poor ventilation, you will witness lots of problems. All the moisture formed is trapped in the decking, causing mold build up. This mold will then cause your shingles to curl, posing a major roof disaster.

2.Shingles not Installed Properly

In some cases, it might be that your shingles were subject to substandard workmanship during installation. One common blunder is misplaced nails on the shingles. If the roofer nailed the shingles on wrong spots, they will be susceptible to curling. Moreover, if the roofer didn’t use enough nails on each and every roof shingle, the effects will show through shingles curling.

3.Multiple Layered Roof

Sometimes homeowners opt to install a second roof on top of the old one. Though this method may be somewhat affordable compared to outrightly fitting a new roof, it does have some negative implications for the life of your roof shingles. Notably, the shingles on the second layer won’t be very secure and will be vulnerable to curling when exposed to heavy winds.

4.Shingles were Lined Up Unprofessionally

Check if the tar lining between shingles is still sticking the shingles together. In most cases, if this adhesive product is applied unprofessionally, chances are that your roof covers won’t adhere properly. This means your shingles will eventually curl, or fly off.

5.Old Age

Last but not least, shingles curling can also be a direct result of old age. If you have an asphalt roof that was installed, say, twelve to fifteen years ago, and the shingles are curling, it’s probably high time for a new roof installation. You will save yourself loads of money and time before the shingles pose a real disaster through letting in rainwater from the rooftop.

The Bottom Line

If you start to notice your roof shingles curling, no matter the reason, it is time to should seek professional assistance from a licensed residential roofing contractor in Dallas, Texas. Don’t let curling shingles develop into a major problem due to procrastination. Missing and curling shingles pose a real threat to your roof and investment. Share your experiences, expertise, and questions regarding curling roofing shingles in the comments section below.