Great Britain. Great decision

My recent article: Brexit was planned

I’d really like to share with you on why I am optimistic about the result of our Referendum. And explain one of the key reasons why we left.

We’re not a racist country. And we’re not perfect. But although the media have taken a spin on thinking this is ALL about immigration, it’s not. We all have friends today that are from elsewhere other than the UK.

We are now proud to have grown to become a state of diverse multi-faiths and cultures. We like that. We’re all human. And with LGBT, racial, age and gender equality this is the perfect community we’ve worked so hard for.

There is a real reason why we’re leaving.

Aside from the media’s spin on what’s actually happened, the UK has not confirmed isolation. Nor does it want to go to war with Europe. Nor is it going to reject anyone to work and live in our country. Believe it or not we have always boasted a tolerant, decent, hard-working majority of people with good morals.

We have arguably one of the best police forces in the world. A free NHS. A diplomatic justice system on which we can question. A gut to stick to our traditions. But also move forward with the times.

We still kick ass! 🇬🇧

For me looking forward, and after researching much about the EU, I saw that we had a clear choice. To either:

1) Leave — and save our local democracy. Much opposed to the global elites. Keep our people strong with the Information Age available to us & push for the changes that affect us on our very own level. Yes, perhaps this does come indeed with a short-mid term period of economic difficulty. Yes, the EBU may want us kicked out of Eurovision. How nice. But socially nothing changes. And for me that’s all that matters. This wasn’t just for Britain. I believe it was a ball rolling start for us to show Europe a new way in demonstrating a meaningful, peaceful influence for balance in the world. With a real voice. A freedom to help other countries to work on common issues together; and protect culture and democracy. And boy, we are going to need democracy.

2) Remain — we could stay with a Union which indeed brings a layer of stability and good cause to ‘the people’. But sadly myself, like the passionate majority of others, fear this appealing project is inevitably waging a way. A stealthy way for the globally rich and powerful to grow financially and militarily. That’s not a good thing. It then wouldn’t be too long to start a new phase of denationalisation. The sweet goodness of everything that comes from the EU is not going to last forever — perhaps at least another decade or so. That isn’t talked of much and it’s a big issue we’ve taken a quiet win towards this week.

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.
— Edmund Burke

As long as people disagree, there will always be competition. And when competition is around, it can bring the best yet also the worst out of people. Which is why we have to be careful about providing seats for others to step into with access to mass control. It has to be contained somehow. And the UK’s exit I feel is the early start to containing that imminent period.

I believe the world can achieve global peace. Both a remain voter and leave voter including myself would say that. We’ve already demonstrated it for decades. Even though there have been patches of conflict in between, we need to focus on what could be accelerating that.

But where there has been conflict there has been a civilisation of example. This demonstrates what is possible and helps those struggling countries to embrace the peaceful alternative. Do I see another EU-style system again in the future? Yes, but not likely. As long as we ensure that unusual exceeds of power are contained, I believe the world buys more time. Rinse and repeat.

Do we want the worst out of people with large amounts of global power? Perhaps say a European Union? I don’t think I could risk that for a future generation. As a Western world we can do better than that. We do what we do best, living in a civilised culture, unified on morals and democratic fairness. Minding our own business we could say.

It’s now down to our government. And for the UK it’s now time to really start focusing on our National issues. What’s more, its down to the people to voice themselves — and voice loud! Push our leaders to aim high and fair. Question and argue for the minorities. Could we do that without the odd verbal outburst on Question Time? Maybe not. But we don’t fight violently for change in our civilisation. We hold a strong voice to demand the facts so that we can force leaders to make positive change.

We’ve been through a tough century and in the early times of local bureaucratic control, it was difficult for the people to expose information. Without open access to information, wars took place. Information is what runs in our weather today which I feel prevents that. Makes it very hard for those elites to do bad things.

The people are the power. Take the new version of our government website; allowing accessibility and basic rights of access to law & information. Whether nations voices are heard or not, their voice at least exists internationally with a hashtag or a website.

This is why I feel we now have a big opportunity. Could you imagine 27+ state countries making fair deals with one another independently? Most including myself can’t currently imagine that without a European Union. We’ve let our guard down.

We need to be pushing transparency of our leaders and forging them to follow democratic paths with accountability. Excellent decisions for the benefits of everyone. A publicly voted electorate standing forward on common issues together. Without the financial, anti-democratic burden of a growing global superpower.

Leaders. We should be looking out for leaders to strike the perfect balance between listening to the people, maintaing democratic integrity but empathising with all classes of state.

We need a strong, fair but peace-driven leader in October. Which is why I’m feeling a growing potential with parties such as the Green Party.

I am so proud of Europe. And aside from some initial challenges ahead for us all; including the UK, I am excited to have secured another few decades of peaceful, business-as-usual days for all countries in Europe to aim for.

But not within this generation of growing EU bureaucracy.

I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.
— Thomas Jefferson
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